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  • archangel's Kiss

    By Jasmine Hunter
    This was an amazing book. I couldn't put it down. It's dark and romantic and has some pretty spectacular sex scenes. The characters are amazing and each has a story of his or her own. I recommend this series to everyone.
  • Archangel's Kiss

    By niknak1315
    I love the romance, the violence, the detail, and just everything about this book. I'm growing a very soft spot for Illium and I'm so excited for more!
  • Absolutely Amazing

    By Colored Pencils
    I can't wait to read the next book. I love Raphael and Elena, I hope Singh keeps on writing about these two. :)
  • Love it

    By ArtemisMoon
    In my top 3 books hands down... It has an amazing plot that continued where the story ended from the last book with out that awkward jumpiness that leaves you wondering how it got that.
  • Archangel's Kiss

    By Tattedpunisher
    Nailini has done it again..... Amazing ... If this is what I am to expect from the Guild Hunter series then I am glad that I pre-ordered the. Next in the series